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Treasure Hunting at the Strathalbyn Antique Fair

   My Best-loved Finds...

The Strathalbyn Antique Fair is held annually in the charming, pretty and historic South Australian township of Strathalbyn. 
My first visit there was off the cuff, arriving early afternoon - leaving just enough time to visit (and marvel)! at all the jewellery exhibitor stalls. There were around 46 exhibitors and a myriad to capture in one blog. Thus, I've chosen a few neat pieces which caught my eye.
Just in case you're wondering, there was much more  than just jewellery at this fair, however for me jewellery idolizing was my mission!
Above left image is his and hers Victorian Mourning rings, London, c1848. I couldn't help but get excited spotting this set at Ayeno Antiques. I've not seen a PAIR of mourning rings in real life before and I get excited finding one, let alone a pair. These are a sought after treasure .... and not to mention RARE!! Inscribed and dated inside band '1848'. 
Above right image is a Victorian Ruby and Seed Pearl Brooch. I do love an Antique bow and this one at Rosebud Antiques is a masterly example! The ever-so-pretty rubies with pearls are a delight to the eye and the masterfully embossing gives this piece a striking appearance. 
Above left  image is a Victorian Sapphire and Diamond Locket, c1870. I must admit, I'm partial to antique lockets and was drawn to this one at Rosebud Antiques. I've not seen an antique locket with an umbrella motif before, such a charming design! The rose-cut diamonds and blue sapphire gems to front add a touch of glamour. 
Above right  image is a pair of Victorian Diamond Dangle Earrings. This sumptuous pair stood out at Rosebud Antiques. The attention to detail is evident in the design, dazzling with numerous old-cut diamonds. A dangle earring I could easily wear...                                                             
Above left is an Early Australian Opal Bracelet. This piece jumped out at me straight away at Marsteen Collectables. The detailed flora vine is indicative of early Australian design. This is such a vibrant opal - a piece I could have easily taken home with me!
Above right is an Antique Carved Ivory Pendant. Not something I would usually admire, however Marie from Rosebud Antiques insisted. I must say this piece certainly grew on me- the carved detail is splendid. A very talented artisan...
Within one afternoon it was all over! If you missed this fair, not to worry- the Adelaide Antique Fair is only just around the corner - held late October at the Adelaide showgrounds.
Thank you to Colleen & Reg at Ayeno Antiques and Marie at Rosebud Antiques for sharing your knowledge, love and passion with me, and most of all allowing me to share your beautiful pieces. I had fun!!
Trudy x
 Ayeno Antiques
 Rosebud Antiques